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October 23, 2009

Top 150 Songs of the Decade: 50 – 26

Okay, maybe I am mentally ill.

Okay, maybe I am mentally ill.

We’re getting so close to the top now. Who’s excited? Come on, someone must be? Rebecca Ritters? Okay then, go back to your pudding. I’ll carry on though.



50. MGMT  – Kids
Second appearance from MGMT, just I had promised. I keep my promises. Promises are the opposite my Firefox history. I get rid of that. You never know who might use this laptop. Rebecca Ritters maybe. Would she want to find all the websites containing pictures of her that I go on? Probably not. Even though she might be flattered. I cannot take that risk though.

49. Beyonce  – Crazy In Love
I don’t find her very attractive. Is that wrong? She’s no Rebecca Ritters. I enjoyed this a lot though. There were horns and everything. Horns are universal like that. Make everyone love something. Even if it’s not very attractive.

48. Arctic Monkeys –  When the Sun Goes Down
Their best single thus far, and the one that made me get all excited about Sheffield. There are prostitutes there. Rebecca Ritters is not a prostitute.

47. Elliott Smith –  Twilight
God, it’s a bit depressing, isn’t it? Lovely though. Like Rebecca Ritters’ relationship with her father.

46. Natasha Beddingfield –  These Words
Sadly she shares the same genes as Daniel, otherwise I’d consider making a move – a horsey face does it for me, or being Rebecca Ritters. Alas, I’ll just make do with “Shelley and Keates over hip-hop beats.” Actually, I’ll just ignore the lyrics and listen to the jaunty tune.

45. Wilco  – I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Sublime opener to one of the decade’s true classic albums. Epic yet understated. Like Rebecca Ritters. It confuses me. I like this.

44. Broken Social Scene –  Almost Crimes
Rock and roll at its most distorted and danceable. Best Canadian indie supergroup evah! Even if Rebecca Ritters isn’t in it. She has her own Australian supergroup though. With Jesse Spencer and some dog and everything.

43. Bright Eyes –  At the Bottom of Everything
He tells a wee story and everything. That’s how to get interested in a song that doesn’t involve Rebecca Ritters in some fashion. Oh, and make it a cynical, lyrical masterpiece.

42. Rihanna –  Umbrella
I didn’t listen to this until weeks after it stopped being number one. And only then once it was covered by Amanda Palmer on a ukulele, and then by Rebecca Ritters on a real Aboriginal didgeredoo. That was when I realised it was good. The real thing makes it great.

41. Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds –  There She Goes My Beautiful World
After Rebecca Ritters, the coolest Australian around. The second best song that starts with the three words ‘there’, ‘she’ and ‘goes’, after “There She Goes Into My Crotch” by S Club Juniors.

40. Okkervil River –   Our Life Is Not A Movie, Or Maybe
Overlooked River more like! LOL! LOL!L!O!L!O!Lo! I hate myself. They’re not really overlooked. And they couldn’t be with a song as powerful as this. And it’s all about Ferris Bueller. And Rebecca Ritters’ drug problems. Aces.

39. LCD Soundsystem –  All My Friends
Are dead? No. They are funking about with Rebecca Ritters at one of her cool after parties where she gets her tassles out for treats.

38. The Strokes –  Last Nite
Did this really kick start a rock and roll revolution? No, Rebecca Ritters did. I like it though.

37. Franz Ferdinand –  Take Me Out
For being the first British guitar song that was any good to hit the mainstream since Song 2 by former partner of Rebecca Ritters, the entire pop band Blur.

36. Streets  – Dry Your Eyes
I spent ages looking for the Adam Buxton spoof. It isn’t on the Internet apparently. This upset me. Like this song. Weeps. I listen to it whilst looking at pictures of Rebecca Ritters and wondering what could have been.

35. Sam Sparro –   Black and Gold
This is how you produce a song. Big, flawless and unlike anything before. Just like an Australian we all know and love. Rebecca Ritters of course.

34. Rilo Kiley  – Portions For Foxes
Blimey, just like good old dry-face Rebecca Ritters, Jenny Lewis is a bit hot. Her solo stuff never amounted to much in my mind, but this is a classic.

33. The Knife –  Heartbeats
It’s just sweet, isn’t it? Just forget the pointless Gonzales version. Oh, you have? Good. I once remade the advert it was featured on with all the bouncing balls and that, except I replace each ball with an item belonging to Rebecca Ritters. I ruined three televisions and killed her whippet. Did she care? She did. She cried.

32. Elbow  – One Day Like This
Never a better song to soundtrack a group of shy men pissing on a hill. Or indeed Rebecca Ritters.

31. Elastica  – How He Wrote Elastica Man
Mark E. Smith’s second appearance on the list. He must be so happy. He loves this site. Almost as much as he loves Rebecca Ritters. Little known fact: I Am Kurious Oranj was originally entitled ‘Rebecca Ritters Looks Good In That Red Checkered Dress She Often Wears’ but Mark decided on the current title after realising the song was nothing to do with that, and was indeed about a ‘Kurious Oranj’.

30. The Killers –  All These Things Which I Have Done
It builds and it builds and it builds and it builds. Then it doesn’t. Then you think of the face of Ritters.

29. Iron Horse –  New Slang
BUT THE SHINS VERSION OF THIS SONG IS ALREADY ON THIS LIST? WHAT?!?! This is better though. And the other one’s a classic too. What to do? Have both. Like what Rebecca Ritters did with Paul and Tadfish. The slut.

28. Hope of the States  – Black Dollar Bills
For when the guitar bit comes in after all that teasing. Like when Rebecca Ritters finally lets you hold her melon juice covered hand. When post-rock met garage rock and had children who couldn’t sing very well, but did it anyway and didn’t care.

27. Graham Coxon –  Freakin Out
Dnngh dnngh dnngh dnngh and so on. AMAZING RIFFAGE. This was voted the best song to think about Rebecca Ritters too by Rebecca Ritters.

26. Eels –  Fresh Feeling
I used this on a radio bit I did in America once. It was universally loved. Like your mum. She’s a dear. This song has nothing to do with Rebecca Ritters.


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