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October 24, 2009

Top 150 Songs of the Decade: 25 – 11


The tease before the top ten. These are all pretty ace though. And sadly keep N-Dubz and Chipmunk from the top 150. Tears.


25. The Walkmen –  The Rat
Like most of the records higher up in this list, it contains some degree of natural, believable emotion that makes it more than merely a song, and more a statement of pained intent. Shouts and cries and more.

24.Ash  – Burn Baby Burn
Now old and tired and lacking in both imagination and the hot one, Ash were once the one UK band who kept traditional punk values alive when the likes of Stereophonics and Oasis were peddling the same MOR crap or Radiohead were were putting down the guitars and picking up entire recording studios. This rocked my atoms.

23. Arcade Fire –  Rebellion (Lies)
Seeing this on Jools Holland was a proper epiphany in what music could and should do. It can and should make you celebrate life. This does.

22. Johnny BoyYou Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve
Everyone who ignored this one should be locked up or something. Or beaten with hair. And shoes. Yes, shoes.

21. Postal Service –  Such Great Heights
As with ‘Heartbeats’ by The Knife, minimalist electropop rules all over dull and uninspired acoustic tedium when it comes to arranging a song. Ignore the over-rated Iron and Wine, just indulge in a bit of Ben ‘Do The Funky’ Gibbard.

20. Pipettes  – Pull Shapes
For the strings man, for the strings! Glorious has never been more apt a term for anything.

19. New Pornographers –  Bleeding Heart Show
Like a 21st century ‘Hey Jude’ except with the boring first bit, and I wouldn’t want to slaughter hundreds of people singing it in Trafalagar Square. Iwould instead find it quite pleasant. Let’s do it kids!

18. Mint Royale –  Don’t Falter
Released in January 2000, this just scrapes in on legibility, if not quality, sounding as fresh and joy-filled as it did back then. The best thing Lauren Laverne has ever been involved with. Except her lovely face.

17. At the Drive In  – Pattern Against User
Proper punk, and again with that very real anger and frustration seen in The Rat. This is very slightly better though. Hence it being a bit higher. I’m not an idiot.

16. Sugababes –  Freak Like Me
Back in the dark days when I still listened to Chris Moyles, this was one of the very first songs I heard him play I didn’t switch off. And though I eventually switched off his entire show, this remained in my mind. The first real ‘mash-up’ as it were to get my attention, and a genuine chart pioneer,

15. The National –  Fake Empire
A revelation in understatement – the simple piano marches along unthreateningly. But a few friends join it along the way, from Berninger’s now matured vocals, and the twins teasing guitars, before the devastating percussion and then those angelic horns. It’ll take a few listens, but you’ll get to heaven.

14. The Wrens –  Everyone Choose Sides

13. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! –  The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
Along with Last Nite and Time For Heroes, something of an indie anthem to dance the night away too whilst still feeling very cool about yourself. More understated elegance.

12. Modest Mouse –  3rd Planet
I was so excited when I learned to play this. I’ve rarely stopped. I won’t ever be Brock though. This is the shiznit.

11. Sufjan  Stevens – The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us AAAHHHH!
The undoubted highlight of Illinois, this was playful, emotional, powerful, intricate and epic, and everything you’d want a song to be. Will he ever do better? Hmmmmmmm.

Tomorrow – the top 10! Woo! Then albums after that. Natch.


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