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January 18, 2010

Top 10 Albums of 2009

I know I’m very late to the show with this one, but does it really matter? Well, it might do if you’re reading this. Most people aren’t though, so by the law of averages, you probably don’t care. About anything. It was probably the least exciting musical year in conscious memory for me. When Lady Ga Ga was our biggest star and Susan Boyle was our biggest selling album. If only they had done a duet, things may have been salvaged. Alas, we have to make do with this lot. Actually, these 10 are quite good. Enjoy.

10. The HorrorsPrimary Colours

It’s all been said, hasn’t it really? Were pseudogoth twats, all hair and names and no tunes. Now, seemingly having spent two years listening to My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain they’ve come back all properly dark and epic and noisy and fulfilled. One to strike off the ‘dickheads in music’ list.
Listen to this – ‘Who Can Say

9. Mos DefThe Ecstatic

This guy was never on it. He is in one of the worst films I’ve ever seen though – Michel Gondry’s borasplendous piss fest that is Be Kind Rewind. Just don’t think about that though. Soul hip-hop with a social conscious, it’s what Def does best. Kweli pops up too. That’s always cool.
Listen to this – ‘Auditorium

8. Sweet Billy PilgrimTwice Born Men

Probably should have won the Mercury, but meh, what you gonna do? You can still listen to the damn thing and be caught up in all its post-Elbow shipwrecked beauty. A DIY charm.
Listen to this – ‘There Will It End

7. The Phantom BandCheckmate Savage

They’re Scotch! This is good. I’m Scotch. There was a lot of Scotch this year. From Broken Records to Frightened Rabbit to We Were Promised Jetpacks. Most if it was good. This was outstanding.
Listen to this – ‘Throwing Bones

6. The Leisure SocietyThe Sleeper

Guy Garvey loves them. And so he should. He’s a jolly man who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to music to make the heart soar. This does that in case you’re wondering.
Listen to this – ‘The Last of the Melting Snow

5. Telekinesis Telekinesis

Has a similar unconfrontational, absolute joy as The Little Ones or The Shins at their apple pie poppiest. And he’s only 22 or something too. Dang. I haven’t even written one sublime, unrestricted sunshine gem yet.
Listen to this – ‘Tokyo

4. The xxxx

I loathed these guys at first. Mainly from their name and single CD cover. I’ve come round since. I can take the pretention when you get bleak but brilliant graceful minimalist looping indie with it.
Listen to this – ‘Basic Space

3. A Camp – Colonia

Oh Nina. From a Cardigan to this. Well done lass. The first album I fell for in 2009, and one that’s lasted the whole way through as a guilt-free, vibrant pleasure, all sexy Swedish sounds and hints of an orchestral pop ecstacy Johnny Boy would smother themselves in.
Listen to this – ‘Love Has Left the Room

2. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Well, obvs. A band I’ll quite happily agree with Pitchfork on. I probably won’t get around to a single of the year thing, so just have ‘Two Weeks‘ for that, okay? A voice like nothing before, and band all charm and harmony.
Listen to this – ‘While You Wait For The Others

1. Twilight Sad – Forget the Night Ahead

I told you it’d been a guid year for the Scotch. Not quite to the levels of their masterwork of a debut, but this had a similar majestic sound to engulf, with that tidal wave of distorted guitar and screaming Scotsman. Darker too, and looking past the obvious for lyrics to sum up a Glasgow night. And not one you’ll forget.
Listen to this – ‘The Room


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