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October 7, 2009

Fanfarlo – King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 30 Sep

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King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 30 Sep



Bowie loves them. And so should you. Or you would if you ever caught Fanfarlo’s awesome folk punch live.

Relocated to King Tut’s from the ABC, the smaller stage is ideal for a band so positive about the communal experience, especially when the crowd is in an upbeat festive mood thanks to brilliant support from Swedish siblings, First Aid Kit. (more…)

Be A Familiar – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 1 Oct

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Be A Familiar
Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 1 Oct

Sounds familiar

Sounds familiar

Go to enough gigs in Scotland, and soon you’ll know what to expect. And I don’t just mean the overexcited, teenage Topshop-clad girls and their male peers who are never exactly sure whether to join in the dancing; nor that older sort who’s given his evening to alcohol and is having the time of his life … (more…)

September 14, 2009

Schuh presents The New Blood Tour

Schuh presents The New Blood Tour
The Chapman Family, We Are The Physics, Televised Crimewave

Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sun Sep 13

I wanna get physical. Or something.

I wanna get physical. Or something.

Even with the astonishingly reasonable free price tag, the prospect of Monday morning seems to have put many off the idea of heading to the Bongo Club for a night of what shoe companies think you should be listening to.

The half empty floor does provide space for Televised Crimewave frontman Daniel Wilson to strut about, free from the shackles of stage and inhibitions. His stint atop of a table is sadly short-lived though, perhaps realising the songs don’t live up to the excitement he clearly feels in them.

It takes Glasgow favourites We Are The Physics to make the crowd as animated as the performers, with their sharp looks, sharp shouts and sharp riffs all making this a performance that Gillete would heartily approve of. Fun, frenetic and fiendishly amusing.

Such adages lack application for The Chapman Family however who bring the mood down with flat vocals and something of an uninspired effort to their Interpol influenced dark rock. It could be blamed on an emptying floor, but all enthusiasm drains, and even the brilliant Physics become a distant memory. A disappointing end.

September 6, 2009

Art Fag – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sun 30 Aug

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Art Fag
Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sun 30 Aug

There’s a communal feel at this night for local record label Song By Toad, in Edinburgh’s cosiest venue. Everyone seems to know everyone as the applause is fierce, and nobody feels right standing at the back.

It does mean the impact of Art Fag’s Neil Pennycook’s astonishing vocal blast is all the more resounding when you’re standing mere feet away. And the power is matched by raw emotion.

The man behind the highly lauded Meursault manages to throw his all into this simpler side project, even if his crouched stance seems an awkward, painful position from which to deliver a set of such magnitude. His gait, it turns out, is essential, as the various keyboards and electronics creating this immense atmosphere lack stands, and are placed on the ground, all the more nonchalant to the magic they are making.

For a record label so small, Song By Toad boasts some mighty acts. And any night with ‘The Sound of Music’ thrown in during a DJ set can be classed as a good one.


August 25, 2009

Guy Incognito – Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Guy Incognito – Tomorrow’s Leaders
Pleasance Dome

A series of sketches set over one public school term, the former BBC New Talent Pick of the Fringe act has a more interesting conceit than material. Though wonderfully empathetic at times (the English teacher defining ‘love’ nearly brought tears not laughter), and unique in developing a narrative, it’s a muddled execution that feels unfinished.


Free Fringe Round Up

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beta males

Beta Males' Picnic

In a festival where Ricky Gervais can charge whatever he wants for a show in the Playhouse and sell out comfortably, as well as expecting to pay £10 for a half-decent comedian nobody’s heard of, it’s nice to see the free alternatives still going strong.

A main part of that strength would be the brilliant Beta Males’ Picnic (●●●●) whose silly but smart sketch show manages to be just as clever and quipful as Idiots of Ants or Pappy’s Fun Club. Looking the part in waistcoats too, and with a matching air of grinning eccentricity, few free acts are so charming and so prepared. (more…)

Lucy Porter – Fool’s Gold

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Lucy Porter – Fool’s Gold
Pleasance Courtyard

Though her youthful looks and childlike attitude hide it, Porter has had more experience than most at the Fringe.

It all makes for a performance that is assured if a little safe, never in danger of falling flat but equally never challenging any preconceptions.

And she’s only half-joking when she admits that a (properly brilliant) childhood poem about the chemical elements is the best thing she’s ever written.


Amanda Palmer – HMV Picture House, Edinburgh 22/08/09

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Amanda Palmer
HMV Picture House, Edinburgh

Amanda Palmer

With spectacular support from Zen Zen Zo, a unique and terrifying part of the five-star dance spectacle, Zeitgeist, Amanda Palmer gives herself a lot to live up to. A proper cabaret entrance though, slowly stepping down the stairs of the Picture House in full 1930s trappings with horn accompaniment is a special start that the former creative force behind Dresden Dolls takes glee in. (more…)

Shut Up, Play!

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Shut Up, Play!
Sweet, ECA


Taking the amusing, confusing chaos that fills such Japanese cultural signifiers as Katamari Damacy and any weird animé trip, and turning it into a live stage show of technological and imaginative brilliance, Shut Up, Play! is unlike anything else you’re likely to find. (more…)

Two Episodes of MASH

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Two Episodes of MASH
Pleasance Courtyard

Pleasingly deadpan, and with valiant attempts at mixing life’s mundanity with surrealist fantasy (the thought processes of a worker bee being particularly imaginative), Diane Morgan and Joe Wilkinson are so close to getting it right.

The oddball sketch format falters though, and beneath the daft situations, the dialogue has little substance to turn good ideas into a worthy show.


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