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January 20, 2010

PBH Free Fringe Fundraiser – Bloomsbury Theatre, 19 Jan

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Peter Buckley Hill - A genuinely insane man

Something has gone wrong with this blog. All the font colours have gone wonkaloid. Was solid 000000 black not good enough for these words or something? Will only a pale, sickly grey that can’t really be seen against a white background do? Is this content too hot for the partially sighted?

The answer to all of these questions is of course an emphatic “no you dingle dongle!” Dingle dongle can only be said emphatically. Or with disdain.

I have been away for a while though (getting a job and moving to the other side of the country) but things are settled now, and I shall start tappity typing away again like the good old days. Oh, those days were so good. And old. All wrinkled and diabetic.

I’ll try keeping the black around too. It makes me happy.

My first proper entry follows. It is a review of some comedy I recently saw here in London town. It was good. Read on for why! (more…)

November 5, 2009

The Write Factor

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My entry for STV’s Write Factor competition thing.


Am I the Scottish Richard Littlejohn – Nick Griffin’s favourite columnist and the man who described the deaths of “disgusting, drug-addled street whores,” or those five women with names, families and their own personal stories of trauma and addiction that saw them compelled into working as prostitutes in Ipswich before being murdered by Steve Wright in 2006, as “no great loss?” (more…)

Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can‘t See Land

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Frightened Rabbit
Swim Until You Can‘t See Land

Just back from a co-headlining tour of the US with fellow Fat Cat’s, Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks, Frightened Rabbit return to our radios with a song touched by the sun of their travels. S

cott Hutchison holds back his often powering vocals, letting an almost Beach Boys guitar style mix with their more typical tumpping percussion and an interesting string arrangements that hints of where this mighty act can go. And that would be ’very far indeed’.

Their most understated work yet, but it just makes the pay-off so much more worth it.


August 25, 2009

Des Bishop

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Des Bishop
Assembly Rooms

Spending his teenage years in Ireland after growing up in New York has not only given Bishop a mongrel accent, but a complex mix of Queens confidence and Blarney charm all wrapped in a self-effacing confusion. It’s a confusion that invades the intimate moments of his life, as his fears become genuine, creating a show of empathy, if not quite originality.


The Stormy Seas Q and A

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With banjo, squeezebox and a folk mindset in tow, The Stormy Seas are an Edinburgh five-piece exploring the traditions of Scottish music. Keeping it acoustic but loud, they’d be equally welcome at Wickerman or T in the Park, and equally likely to make the crowd go home humming. Still plying their trade around the pubs and bars of Scotland though, it shouldn’t be long before they catch the attention of a media in love with a folk resurgence. We spoke to drummer, Graeme. (more…)

April 24, 2009

The Big D

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Apologies for lack of recent updates.  Blame this. It’s still not finished.

November 1, 2008

Stars and Sons – In the Ocean

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Stars and SonsIn the Ocean

Noah and the Whale offered up their take on the indie pop anthem earlier this year, with ‘5 Years Time’ giving Mighty Boosh fans a few new dance moves to show off at their underage discos. The band’s contrived image though, with tweed, trilbies and waistcoats galore, made it all just too hard to stomach.

It’s good news then that Stars and Sons have created something as equally joyous in its three minute pop ways, yet without any smug pretention to mire its good intentions.

Citing both The Flaming Lips and Amiga classic, Monkey Island, as equal influences, it’s no surprise this single revels in its fun attitude, not once getting above its hand-claps and ‘ooh-oohs’. Mike Lord won’t be wearing sunglasses indoors anytime soon.


Release Date: 17 Nov

October 31, 2008

Imelda May – Love Tattoo

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Imelda May – Love Tattoo

Winner of best newcomer at the Irish Music Awards and with adoring words already from Jeff Beck and Jools Holland, you’d be forgiven for expecting big things from Imelda May’s debut album. And things do get off to an explosive start on the appropriately named ‘Johnny Got a Boom Boom’ – an upbeat jazz romp that knows the merits of a toe-tapping bassline.  May’s vocals too become enlivened on an energetic chorus that offers up a ‘boom boom’ to match Johnny’s.  (more…)

October 6, 2008

Tiny Sparks – Alaska EP

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Tiny Spark – Alaska EP

Well somebody’s been listening to Mansun. Certainly, these three songs from the south-coast five piece would have fitted comfortably on the brilliant Attack of the Grey Lantern, with sprawling yet well-structured guitars that threaten to veer into prog dirges, yet stay on the right side of listenable. George Lenton’s vocals too remind of Paul Draper, with treble tones and controlled angst in each of this EP’s three songs. Lenton even shows some ambition of Cousteau crooning in opener Alaska’s sadly short-lived coda.

Go On almost becomes One Republic, but sticks to credibility with smart lyrics and a biting guitar in the chorus. But it’s Never Met That Girl that stands out as Tiny Spark’s bona fide hit. Lenton excels, and the synth strings make this almost as good as Wide Open Space. Tiny Sparks to shining stars? We shall see. It bodes well though.


September 22, 2008

Trailer Trash: Watching the Watchmen

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by David Quin, age 21 and 1/2

Anybody with even half an ear to the ground in the musty backwater of pop-culture and geekery that is fanboy-land, will no doubt be aware of the feverish anticipation which is being generated by every droplet of information which appears in relation to the movie version of Alan Moore and Davie Gibbons’ seminal graphic novel Watchmen. To the uninitiated this excitement may seem odd – comic book adaptations are ten a penny these days, from the already well established (Batman, Spiderman and so forth) to the obscure (Ghost Rider anyone?), but Watchmen really is different; an incredibly emotionally and politically complex work, which refuses to paint its world in terms of crude morality, but rather keeps a studied distance from the world it portrays, never shirking from the consequences of its characters’ belief systems, adored, rightly, by those who’ve read it, and regarded in some quarters as one of the peaks of late twentieth century literature. (more…)

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