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January 22, 2010

fanshaw – Dark Eyes

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fanshaw – Dark Eyes

The awkwardly cased (curse you artist names that just don’t care about where to put those capitals!) fanshaw has some pedigree to live up to. Her Vancouver home has seen the rise of such rapturous Canadian pop as New Pornographers and revelatory prog as Black Mountain, and her own musical adventures have seen spend time as part of The Choir Practice – a ramshackle collective of uplifting spirits whose member list reads like a slightly less successful Broken Social Scene. (more…)


January 20, 2010

PBH Free Fringe Fundraiser – Bloomsbury Theatre, 19 Jan

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Peter Buckley Hill - A genuinely insane man

Something has gone wrong with this blog. All the font colours have gone wonkaloid. Was solid 000000 black not good enough for these words or something? Will only a pale, sickly grey that can’t really be seen against a white background do? Is this content too hot for the partially sighted?

The answer to all of these questions is of course an emphatic “no you dingle dongle!” Dingle dongle can only be said emphatically. Or with disdain.

I have been away for a while though (getting a job and moving to the other side of the country) but things are settled now, and I shall start tappity typing away again like the good old days. Oh, those days were so good. And old. All wrinkled and diabetic.

I’ll try keeping the black around too. It makes me happy.

My first proper entry follows. It is a review of some comedy I recently saw here in London town. It was good. Read on for why! (more…)

January 18, 2010

Top 10 Albums of 2009

I know I’m very late to the show with this one, but does it really matter? Well, it might do if you’re reading this. Most people aren’t though, so by the law of averages, you probably don’t care. About anything. It was probably the least exciting musical year in conscious memory for me. When Lady Ga Ga was our biggest star and Susan Boyle was our biggest selling album. If only they had done a duet, things may have been salvaged. Alas, we have to make do with this lot. Actually, these 10 are quite good. Enjoy. (more…)

November 12, 2009

Luke Haines – 21st Century Man

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hainesLuke Haines – 21st Century Man

“I was a spiteful child, caught up in the razzle-dazzle/I gotta get myself together – just like Peter Hammill” Or so says Luke Haines on the imaginatively titled ‘Peter Hammill’ – a glam funk ode to the Van der Graaf Generator front-man, following a familiar Haines path of underground pop culture and fearful introspection. (more…)

November 5, 2009

The Write Factor

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My entry for STV’s Write Factor competition thing.


Am I the Scottish Richard Littlejohn – Nick Griffin’s favourite columnist and the man who described the deaths of “disgusting, drug-addled street whores,” or those five women with names, families and their own personal stories of trauma and addiction that saw them compelled into working as prostitutes in Ipswich before being murdered by Steve Wright in 2006, as “no great loss?” (more…)

I Am Kloot – B Album

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cover-1I Am Kloot – B Album

Ten years since they first formed, Manchester’s most underappreciated band (now that Elbow have hit the big time) mark their anniversary with this collection of B-sides, rarities and unreleased songs. Spread over two CDs, these 28 tracks not previously seen fit for a proper release may be an intimidating prospect for anyone other than a die-hard Kloot fan.

Fortunately, the quality of what’s on offer seems more suited to a ‘best of’ than some collection of cast-offs only desired by Kloot completists. Keeping mainly on the acousitc side of indie, tracks like ’Junk Culture’ and ’Fat Kids In Photographs’ are warm and welcoming takes on the little things in life that can mean so much. Things do get dark though, with ’This House Is Haunted’ a fitting release for Halloween – discordant and vengeful, and another side the band are just as comfortable in. (more…)

Broken Records – Out On The Water EP

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Broken Records
Out On The Water EP

As ‘Out On The Water’ just flows past unassumingly, you might begin to wonder what happened to that wonderful melodrama and penchant for orchestral triumph that made Broken Records one of the most exciting bands in the country?

For these five tracks of demos and rarities it just seems to have been traded in for a softer touch, more traditional and relaxed, but still just as romantic and wonderful as anything on the brilliant Until The Earth Begins To Part.

With the electric guitars locked up, it‘s nice to hear the cello and violin so intimately, blending with Jamie Sutherland‘s vocals as though it was always meant to be. Perhaps not quite so exciting a prospect for a live show, but something to savour on record.


Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can‘t See Land

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Frightened Rabbit
Swim Until You Can‘t See Land

Just back from a co-headlining tour of the US with fellow Fat Cat’s, Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks, Frightened Rabbit return to our radios with a song touched by the sun of their travels. S

cott Hutchison holds back his often powering vocals, letting an almost Beach Boys guitar style mix with their more typical tumpping percussion and an interesting string arrangements that hints of where this mighty act can go. And that would be ’very far indeed’.

Their most understated work yet, but it just makes the pay-off so much more worth it.


We Were Promised Jetpacks – It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning/Ships With Holes Will Sink

We Were Promised Jetpacks
It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning
/Ships With Holes Will Sink

Seen somewhat as successors to the Biffy crown of Scottish champions of loud, passionate, indie post-rock, We Were Promised Jetpacks are only getting bigger every day.

Fortunately for us, WWPJ are sticking firmly to old-school Biffy as an influence, rather than the dreadful neo-prog pretension they are now, keeping with the always fulfilling clean intricacy to awesome distortion approach, and letting forceful vocals that marry rage and wonder evoke a vital passion.

As pleasing as it all is though, it’s a work lacking in ingenuity somewhat, with both sides in this AA side difficult to distinguish, and some new ideas must be forthcoming for their rise to continue.

For now though, the boredom is a long way off, and it’s still fun to get a little prima, even if it‘s hard to tell exactly what song‘s making you do so.


October 29, 2009

Top 100 Albums of the Decade: 10 – 1


100 – 51
50 – 26
25 – 11



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