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November 5, 2009

Broken Records – Out On The Water EP

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Broken Records
Out On The Water EP

As ‘Out On The Water’ just flows past unassumingly, you might begin to wonder what happened to that wonderful melodrama and penchant for orchestral triumph that made Broken Records one of the most exciting bands in the country?

For these five tracks of demos and rarities it just seems to have been traded in for a softer touch, more traditional and relaxed, but still just as romantic and wonderful as anything on the brilliant Until The Earth Begins To Part.

With the electric guitars locked up, it‘s nice to hear the cello and violin so intimately, blending with Jamie Sutherland‘s vocals as though it was always meant to be. Perhaps not quite so exciting a prospect for a live show, but something to savour on record.


September 14, 2009

Schuh presents The New Blood Tour

Schuh presents The New Blood Tour
The Chapman Family, We Are The Physics, Televised Crimewave

Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sun Sep 13

I wanna get physical. Or something.

I wanna get physical. Or something.

Even with the astonishingly reasonable free price tag, the prospect of Monday morning seems to have put many off the idea of heading to the Bongo Club for a night of what shoe companies think you should be listening to.

The half empty floor does provide space for Televised Crimewave frontman Daniel Wilson to strut about, free from the shackles of stage and inhibitions. His stint atop of a table is sadly short-lived though, perhaps realising the songs don’t live up to the excitement he clearly feels in them.

It takes Glasgow favourites We Are The Physics to make the crowd as animated as the performers, with their sharp looks, sharp shouts and sharp riffs all making this a performance that Gillete would heartily approve of. Fun, frenetic and fiendishly amusing.

Such adages lack application for The Chapman Family however who bring the mood down with flat vocals and something of an uninspired effort to their Interpol influenced dark rock. It could be blamed on an emptying floor, but all enthusiasm drains, and even the brilliant Physics become a distant memory. A disappointing end.

August 25, 2009

Free Fringe Round Up

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beta males

Beta Males' Picnic

In a festival where Ricky Gervais can charge whatever he wants for a show in the Playhouse and sell out comfortably, as well as expecting to pay £10 for a half-decent comedian nobody’s heard of, it’s nice to see the free alternatives still going strong.

A main part of that strength would be the brilliant Beta Males’ Picnic (●●●●) whose silly but smart sketch show manages to be just as clever and quipful as Idiots of Ants or Pappy’s Fun Club. Looking the part in waistcoats too, and with a matching air of grinning eccentricity, few free acts are so charming and so prepared. (more…)

February 14, 2009

The View – Edinburgh, Picture House 12/02/09

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A room with The View.  In it.

A room with The View. In it.

It’s hard not to admire The View. They certainly have their flaws. Their records are, at best, ramshackle indie, spawned from a feigned belief that anyone could do ‘Up the Bracket’. They also have a cockiness in completely opposing correlation to their talent, imagination and ambition as a band. And of course, none seem to have the ability to make any sentence comprehensible in their fiercely Dundonian tones that resemble Rab C. Nesbit being felated by Lorraine Kelly whilst Runrig are played backwards on the oldest, most Tennant’s Super stained turntable imaginable. Yet despite all this, they’ve grabbed hold of a nation’s attention. And who’s to say they haven’t earnt it? (more…)

August 16, 2008

Noah and the Whale – Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire 15/08/08

I don't see any whales!

I don't see any whales!

The hour long wait after the supports finish is almost unbearable. And not for excitement around seeing the latest folk popsters (pop folkers?) that have got the Zane Lowe listeners nodding in approval. The tiny cavern of Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire is crammed with waistcoats and floppy hair, and the battle to not pass out from the heat during the odiously long delay is something few bands are worth persevering for. (more…)

The Twilight Sad – Edinburgh, Liquid Room 14/08/08

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James Graham eating a microphone shaped ice-cream.

James Graham eating a microphone shaped ice-cream.

My Bloody Valentine deafened half the population of Scotland earlier this year with an astonishing comeback set at the Glasgow Barrowlands. And it seems the magnificent Twilight Sad have put paid to the ears of those still able to hold a proper conversation.

Not even Hoover Dam could contain the typhoon of noise that rages out the band’s speakers, decimating everything in its path, so it’s no surprise that at the relatively humble Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, vocalist, James Graham’s microphone refuses to let his colloquial laments be heard. It does put of a bit of a damper on an impressive entrance that sees the band emerge from the darkness to launch into a kidney-stone zapping Walking For Two Hours. But the restart after a quick mic swap sees Cumbernauld’s finest soon flow into a relentless cavalcade that never lets up, and blasts away all competition for the best live band in the country. (more…)

August 9, 2008

Edinburgh Festival Reviews

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It’s currently the Edinburgh Festival here in Edinburgh at the moment.  And I’ve seen lots of shows.  Here are my reviews.  I’m far too tired to write anything approaching humour at this moment in time.  Expect some soon though.


Sammy J In The Forest Of Dreams

Sammy J and Heath McIvor

Swearing puppets are not big, and they are certainly not clever. But, damn, they are funny. And pleasingly, the jokes are as strong as the language. Unhappy with his rut of a life and pissed off with the magical ideologies force fed to him by renowned frozen Nazi, Walt Disney, Sammy J enters a mysterious portal in his kitchen cupboard, discovering the Forest of Dreams. And as one would expect in a magic forest, Sammy embarks on a quest of revolution, friendship and sexually harassed squirrels. This is a truly unique show, superbly embracing elements of musicals, comedy and puppetry to create an offensive adventure that will make you care more about an inanimate object than you ever thought possible.

Underbelly, Jul 31 – 24 Aug (not 11 Aug), 6.00pm (7.00pm), prices vary, fpp 94

eml rating 5/5


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