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February 20, 2010

Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins, Or How To Wait For A Very Long Time

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Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins, Or How To Wait For A Very Long Time

It’s no surprise to learn that Fanfarlo are currently touring with mandolin led acoustic powerhouses, Mumford and Sons.

For like their partners in tweed, this Swedish folk fivesome deliver a fine pop drama complete with bleeding heart vocals and a whole delirious mess of unplugged strings and rampant percussion.

The band’s Scandinavian roots come through in keeping an order though, bringing some a coy sweetness to the affair that would never pass through the natural cynicism of a wholly British band.

Female backing tones on the lead male vocals too make sure things never take full control of the melody, keeping this ecstasy contained, but just as effective.


Release Date: 8 March


October 13, 2009

First Aid Kit – Q & A

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First Aid Kit
Q & A

Good taste in jumpers too

Good taste in jumpers too

Recently touring with indie folk favourites, Fanfarlo, this Swedish duo are known to write the odd acoustic pleasure too. And all the more remarkable considering they’d still be at high school in the UK. For First Aid Kit are sisters Klara, 16, and Johanna, 18 who are touring Europe when the rest of us were worrying about English prelims on Hardy and if the invigilator would check you’d put all your physics equations into your scientific calculator. They never did. If only we’d all learned to play affecting folk-pop instead, with some sweet naivety rare in modern music. Properly lovely. And pleasant to chat to as well. (more…)

October 7, 2009

Fanfarlo – King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 30 Sep

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King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 30 Sep



Bowie loves them. And so should you. Or you would if you ever caught Fanfarlo’s awesome folk punch live.

Relocated to King Tut’s from the ABC, the smaller stage is ideal for a band so positive about the communal experience, especially when the crowd is in an upbeat festive mood thanks to brilliant support from Swedish siblings, First Aid Kit. (more…)

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