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February 20, 2010

First Aid Kit – I Met Up With The King

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First Aid Kit – I Met Up With The King

Swedish teenage sisters. Three words that must have brought so much happiness to so many men since the invention of the internet.

There’s a purer talent on display here though, with Klara and Johanna Söderberg both so young, yet so adept in creating soulful, beautiful, simple music that soothes like a fireplace after a walk in the snow.

A particular subtle highlight of their début record, ‘I Met Up With The King’ aches with sibling harmonies, assured strumming and soft accompaniment, each purposely old-fashioned in its way.

Two teenagers picking past elegance over modern bombast, and singing like it’s the most natural thing in the world.


Release Date: 8 March


October 13, 2009

First Aid Kit – Q & A

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First Aid Kit
Q & A

Good taste in jumpers too

Good taste in jumpers too

Recently touring with indie folk favourites, Fanfarlo, this Swedish duo are known to write the odd acoustic pleasure too. And all the more remarkable considering they’d still be at high school in the UK. For First Aid Kit are sisters Klara, 16, and Johanna, 18 who are touring Europe when the rest of us were worrying about English prelims on Hardy and if the invigilator would check you’d put all your physics equations into your scientific calculator. They never did. If only we’d all learned to play affecting folk-pop instead, with some sweet naivety rare in modern music. Properly lovely. And pleasant to chat to as well. (more…)

Daniel Johnston – Is And Always Was

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daniel-johnston-is-and-always-was-aaDaniel Johnston – Is And Always Was

Daniel Johnston is 48. This should not be the record of a 48-year-old. It should be the record of a 24-year-old wanting to be 48, or even a 68-year-old trying to reel back the years. But not a 48-year-old. No.

It seems though, after influencing Flaming Lips, TV on the Radio and Wilco with his lo-fi folk blues, this particular demi-legend is in turn trying to ape his successors, enthusing his latest record with an infectious rock and roll complete with polished production, even if this new cacophony somewhat drowns out Johnston’s still raw voice. (more…)

October 7, 2009

Julia and the Doogans – Q & A

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Julia and the Doogans
Q & A


Dooganing about

All timid, lovely folk pop, Julia and the Doogans are as blissful and beautiful as a band can be. Ever evolving, and embracing new sounds and instruments, this collective is united by the voice of Julia Doogan – both hopeful and heartbreaking when the mood calls for it, and always welcome. Currently playing the acoustic circuit across Scotland, chances are they’re playing in a venue near you soon. So get going. Here’s some words from Julia for encouragement. (more…)

September 24, 2009

Local Natives Q & A

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Local Natives Q & A

Tautological goodness

Tautological goodness

It was no surprise to hear only universal praise for Local Natives at a resoundingly successful SXSW earlier in the year. Their hopeful dreams and dreamy rhythms underlay an of-the-moment epic American style that must sound so perfect in the Texan sun. They’ll have to get used to a British autumn though, with a part to play in the NME Radar Tour a reward for capturing such zeitgeist sounds and making them their own. The List spoke to keyboard player and vocalist Kelcey Ayer. (more…)

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