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August 25, 2009

Guy Incognito – Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Guy Incognito – Tomorrow’s Leaders
Pleasance Dome

A series of sketches set over one public school term, the former BBC New Talent Pick of the Fringe act has a more interesting conceit than material. Though wonderfully empathetic at times (the English teacher defining ‘love’ nearly brought tears not laughter), and unique in developing a narrative, it’s a muddled execution that feels unfinished.



Des Bishop

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Des Bishop
Assembly Rooms

Spending his teenage years in Ireland after growing up in New York has not only given Bishop a mongrel accent, but a complex mix of Queens confidence and Blarney charm all wrapped in a self-effacing confusion. It’s a confusion that invades the intimate moments of his life, as his fears become genuine, creating a show of empathy, if not quite originality.


Free Fringe Round Up

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beta males

Beta Males' Picnic

In a festival where Ricky Gervais can charge whatever he wants for a show in the Playhouse and sell out comfortably, as well as expecting to pay £10 for a half-decent comedian nobody’s heard of, it’s nice to see the free alternatives still going strong.

A main part of that strength would be the brilliant Beta Males’ Picnic (●●●●) whose silly but smart sketch show manages to be just as clever and quipful as Idiots of Ants or Pappy’s Fun Club. Looking the part in waistcoats too, and with a matching air of grinning eccentricity, few free acts are so charming and so prepared. (more…)

Lucy Porter – Fool’s Gold

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Lucy Porter – Fool’s Gold
Pleasance Courtyard

Though her youthful looks and childlike attitude hide it, Porter has had more experience than most at the Fringe.

It all makes for a performance that is assured if a little safe, never in danger of falling flat but equally never challenging any preconceptions.

And she’s only half-joking when she admits that a (properly brilliant) childhood poem about the chemical elements is the best thing she’s ever written.


Amanda Palmer – HMV Picture House, Edinburgh 22/08/09

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Amanda Palmer
HMV Picture House, Edinburgh

Amanda Palmer

With spectacular support from Zen Zen Zo, a unique and terrifying part of the five-star dance spectacle, Zeitgeist, Amanda Palmer gives herself a lot to live up to. A proper cabaret entrance though, slowly stepping down the stairs of the Picture House in full 1930s trappings with horn accompaniment is a special start that the former creative force behind Dresden Dolls takes glee in. (more…)

Shut Up, Play!

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Shut Up, Play!
Sweet, ECA


Taking the amusing, confusing chaos that fills such Japanese cultural signifiers as Katamari Damacy and any weird animé trip, and turning it into a live stage show of technological and imaginative brilliance, Shut Up, Play! is unlike anything else you’re likely to find. (more…)

The Nature Boys Q and A

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Harking back to the Postcard days, when Scottish music strutted its stuff under cool shades and intricate guitars, Nature Boys look to similar tight rhythms and flowing melodies to create a noise worth dancing to. Consisting of Cammy Shiels (vocals), Mark Cooper (guitar/vocals), Ben Irvine (bass) and Simon Haddow (drums) it’s a simple mix, but it does the job. Here’s the guys on why their getting back to nature in Edinburgh. (more…)

Sparrow and the Workshop – Sneaky Pete’s, 20/08/09

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Sparrow and the Workshop
Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

Sparrow and the Workshop

It’s a sign of their sweet nature that Sparrow and the Workshop feel the need to apologise for the sweat dripping down most people’s backs in the bunker that is Sneaky Pete’s. They must surely be the ones most feeling the heat, if the sodden t-shirt of support act Ross Clark is anything to go by. (more…)

The Stormy Seas Q and A

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With banjo, squeezebox and a folk mindset in tow, The Stormy Seas are an Edinburgh five-piece exploring the traditions of Scottish music. Keeping it acoustic but loud, they’d be equally welcome at Wickerman or T in the Park, and equally likely to make the crowd go home humming. Still plying their trade around the pubs and bars of Scotland though, it shouldn’t be long before they catch the attention of a media in love with a folk resurgence. We spoke to drummer, Graeme. (more…)

The Wintergreens Q and A

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Coming from Leith via Poland, Czech Republic and Iceland, The Wintergreens have a mix of cultures as rich as their music. All subtle electronics, and arrangements to build and tease with sparse, simple beats, they bring together such praised acts as Mogwai, The Knife and Bjork in an undeniably beautiful mix. The band tell all to EML. (more…)

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